Bsnl 3G Mobile Services Info

1 What is 3G?
3G is the next generation of mobile communications systems. It enhances the services such as multimedia, high speed mobile broadband, internet access with the ability to view video footage on your mobile handset. With a 3G phone and access to the 3G network you can make video calls, watch live TV, access the high speed internet, receive emails and download music tracks, as well as the usual voice call and messaging services found on a mobile phone, like person to person video, live streaming, downloadable video of entertainment, news, current affairs and sport content and video messaging
2 3GWhere can I view the demonstration of 3G ?
You can view the demonstration of 3G at the CSC ( Customer Care Center ) and BSNL website
3 Can I get 3G services on my existing Number?
4 Will my no. change if I upgrade to 3G?
5 Will I get remote access to CCTV footage?
Yes, you can access CCTV footage or any other similar application by using 3G service as a connecting media between the CCTV server and your 3G service enabled handset.
6 Which all other operators in India provide 3G services ?
Only BSNL & MTNL are providing 3G services in India .
7 Is there any tracking feature available in 3G network ?
8 What is USIM ?
USIM is a SIM card for 3G services. USIM stand for Universal Subscriber Identification Module. USIM is provided to access 3G services.
9 What will be the storage capacity of 3G SIM ?
128 KB
10 Is the cost of USIM included in activation charge ?
Yes, starter pack includes the charges for USIM.
11 I am an Airtel/Vodafone/Idea user, can I retain the same number while subscribing for BSNL 3G services ?
No, not yet.
12 I am an Airtel/Vodafone/Idea user, how can I switch to BSNL 3G services ?
You have to take a new 3G connection from BSNL.
13 Will I get any special benefits if I shift from Airtel/Vodafone/Idea to BSNL 3G ?
you will get all those facilities that BSNL is offering on its 3G services like Video call facility, Mobile broadband, Mobile TV content available on BSNL 3G Portal etc. For promotional schemes, visit BSNL website .
14 Will I get separate bill for 3G connection ?
15 How can I get duplicate USIM ?
16 Do I have to pay for Duplicate USIM ?
17 Where will I get technical support ?
Customer Care Center/BSNL 3G Experience Centers.
18 Am I required to replace my 2G SIM card ?
19 Will I be charged differentially for all services ?
Yes, there is different tariff for various services. For details, please log on to .
20 What is the download speed in 3G ?
Practically, you are going to get broadband experience with speed better than 384 KBPS
21 Will I get GPS in 3G ?
GPS is a handset feature and is not related to 3G service.
22 Will bsnl provide USB / DATA card and what will be the approximate cost ?
Yes, it will be available through BSNL’s vast franchisee Network
23 Is my data secure ?
3G network provides connectivity between the handset and the internet cloud and is fully secure.
24 Will I be able to play videogames on 3G ?
25 Will I be able to create videogames through 3G ?
Yes, you can create your own games on the internet cloud. It is the internet cloud on which games will be stored, 3G is a media to access internet.
26 Will I be able to pay utility bills through 3G ?
Yes, in due course of time.
27 Can I do mobile banking through 3G ?
Yes, in due course of time.
28 Will I be able to chat through 3G service?
Yes, in due course of time.
29 Is 3G broadband available everywhere ?
Presently it is available in Ambala and is going to be available shortly in all state capitals and other major cities. For details, please log on to
30 What are the benefits of mobile broadband ?
You will be able to enjoy High speed internet and data service even while on the move.
31 What are the requirements for mobile broadband ?
You will be able to enjoy High speed internet and data service even while on the move. You require a 3G handset and subscription for 3G services to use mobile broadband on your handset. In case, you want to connect your laptop or PDA (personal digital assistant) to 3G network, like while moving in a vehicle, you will require to connect your 3G handset to the computer through data cable, infrared or blue tooth. You may also buy a 3G data card and use the same with your computer to access high speed 3G network.
32 What is the difference between wired broadband and wireless broadband ?
Wired broadband is a fixed place service requiring a wired line connectivity upto the computer. On the contrary, wireless broadband is a wireless service which enables you to access internet anywhere, in the house or while on the move
33 How much data will I use while viewing video ?
If you’re downloading a video that’s meant for a mobile screen, 1mb per minute is a good rule of thumb. Using this rule, a 4 minute video clip would use around 4MB of your daily or monthly allowance. If the video was meant for a TV or PC Screen, or it is over 5 min long, we wouldn’t recommend downloading it to your phone, as it may struggle to play it back And you may not have enough storage space on your phone. A better solution for your mobile is to stream the Video.
34 Can I get 3G broadband without plugging a USB modem or data card ?
Yes, 3G broadband can be accessed through Handset supporting 3G.
35 How can I search and download a specific movie from a specific site ?
You can log on to the required website by using 3G service of BSNL. Alternatively, you can download a specific movie by surfing BSNL 3G portal
36 Can I upload any user generated content through 3G ?
You can upload any thing to internet cloud through 3G as 3G is a media to access internet cloud
37 Maximum file size to upload
You can upload any file size. Large file size requires more time to upload
38 Will I be paid for the content ?
The internet cloud on which you upload contents may pay you for your content and not the 3G service provider.
39 Can I create my own website through 3G server ?
40 What is the difference between WI-MAX , WI -FI (wireless internet) and 3G ?
WI-MAX & WI-FI are primarily for internet/data service whereas 3G is for internet/data as well as voice service. Roaming facility in case of 3G is better as compared to these services.
41 Is 3G broadband experience the same as broadband at home (wire line) ?
In 3G broadband, the connectivity speed will be almost comparable to the wire line broadband.
42 What all contents would be available in 3G services ?
Mobile TV, Mobile Broadband, Video calls, Movies, Video PRBT etc.
43 What are the different type of data card/devices to access Mobile Broadband?
There are two types of data card 1. HSDPA card PCMCIA based 2. HSDPA card USB based and can be connected respectively at PCMCIA slot and USB port of Laptop . These are plug and play devices. The download speed presently available with these cards is 3.6 Mbps. In due course other types of cards will also be available.

Bsnl 3G Starter pack

Tariff for 3G mobile service

1. Initial SIM & Activation Charges for both Voice and Data plans under 3G postpaid and prepaid service:

Sl. Particulars Tariff
1 SIM & Activation
2 Starter pack with SIM in Rs. (Incl. of S. Tax ) 59
3 Service Tax @ 10.30% in Rs. 5.51
4 Usage Value with SIM in Rs. 0
5 Validity in days 7
6 Migration charges from 2G to 3G and vice versa in Rs. Nil
7 New USIM price in case of Migration from 2G to 3G in Rs. 59


2. General Terms and conditions:-

•  In case of migration from 2G to 3G, the customer may continue with the existing 2G SIM without any charge or may opt for a new 3G USIM with higher memory for Rs.59.

•  In case of migration from 2G prepaid to 3G prepaid, the unutilized account balance validity in 2G will be carried forward to 3G.

•  Replacement of defective SIM/USIM will be free of cost to be made at CSC only, if the replacement of SIM/USIM is due to technical reason beyond the control of customer. However, if the replacement of SIM/USIM is due to customer negligence Rs.59 (Incl. of S.Tax) will be levied. In case customer wants new USIM, replacing the existing 2G SIM, the customer will also have to pay Rs.59.

Promotional 3G Offers

•  Customers purchasing 3G Data card from BSNL and activating the same will get free data usage of 6 GB per month as 1GB day/any time and 5GB night usage for two months from the date of activation as a promotional offer until further order. However, for getting validity the customer has to recharge with data recharge voucher or fixed monthly charges in case of postpaid connection. The free usage of 6 GB will be added to the free usage available with the data plan. No other freebies may be allowed for the above data cards.

•  Incoming video call facility allowed to 2G customers with 3G enabled handsets will continue to be allowed until further order.

Tariff for BSNL 3G Mobile TV (Promotional)

Promotional Tariff for 3G Mobile TV

Price points Plans
Rs 10/- Per day per channel- watch any channel (Premium/non-premium/regional/non regional) unlimited viewing for one full day
Rs 30/- Monthly subscription for one non premium/non regional channel out of maximum 35 Non premium/ non-regional channels
Rs 99/- Monthly subscription for bouquet of 12 non premium/ non-regional channels out of maximum 35 Non premium/ non-regional channels
Rs 50/- Monthly subscription for one regional/premium channel out of maximum 12 regional/premium channels.
Rs150/- Monthly subscription for 15 specified non premium channels (including some regional channels).

Note: The no. of channels may be increased further and will be updated time to time accordingly.

BSNL 3G Data card distribution centers

Micromax 3G Data card distribution centers for BSNL

State Location SD Name Contact Person Contact Details
HP Simla Best Gas Services Gaurav Sood 0177-2658055, 09418034567
Haryana Kundli Shivam Marketing Lalit 9416688888
UP-WEST Meerut Shivi Infomax Sanjay Bansal 9837470470
Agra Goyal Trading Co. Pramod Goyal 9412786006
UTTRANCHAL Dehradun Comexcel Technologies Ankit 9719101019
UP-EAST Kanpur Comexcel Infotech Rohit Kolhi 9336124344
Varanasi Ambitious Sales Corporation Arvind Rai 9452892233
RAJASTHAN Jaipur Sharad Electronics Mukesh 9828451000
RAJASTHAN Jaipur S B Systems & Services Satish Gupta 9950722215
Jharkhand Ranchi APS Enterprises Avinash 9955594756
Jharkhand Ranchi Ambey Traders Vinod 9570955881
ORISSA Bhuvneshwar Pradhan Agency Sashank Pradhan 9937566669
WEST BENGAL Kolkata Padamprabhu Vikram 9932027292
BIHAR Patna MAA Ambey Traders Dharam Kumar 9931373087

Bsnl 3G Data Card Postpaid and Prepaid Data Service Tariff>>

Bsnl 3G Data Card Postpaid and Prepaid Data Service

3G Postpaid and Prepaid Data Service

3.1 Activation of Data Plans : SIM and Activation charges as applicable to 3G Postpaid & Prepaid voice plan will also be applicable for 3G data services.

3.2 3G Postpaid Data Plans & Prepaid Data Recharge Vouchers

FMC/Data RCV in Rs.(Service Tax Extra) Day/Any time usage in GB Night * usage in GB Total bundled free Usage in GB Validity (days)** Data Charges in Rs./MB***
249 0.5 0.5 30 1
399 1 1 30 0.5
549 1 5 6 30 0.5
649 2 2 30 0.5
899 5 5 30 0.5
1099 10 10 30 0.5
1299 5 10 15 30 0.5
1699 10 15 25 30 0.5
1999 15 Unlimited Night Unlimited 30 0.5
2499 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 30
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What is BSNL 3G?


Bsnl 3G Postpaid Tariff in Andhra Pradesh


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